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Ultrasonic repellers omit ultrasonic frequencies
and or predatory sounds deterring animals from

settling within a designated area based on repeller distance length. Deck-Guard has been specifically designed to emit frequencies at 30kHz to 55kHz,

the level of frequency that deters birds of all sizes.

These frequencies (aside from predatory units) are completely undetectable by most humans, dogs, and even cats. 


Ultrasonic repellers have been used by the military

since the early 70’s and have been proven to work effectively. Today, commercial grade repeller's are used on bridges, high rises and public buildings

in successfully repelling birds from destruction and noise in a humane friendly way. Deck-Guard uses the same technology, but designed for the needs

of the recreational marine industry.

Deck-Guard has been successfully tested on the following:


Albatrosses                 Anhinga                       Razorbill                      Shearwaters

Auklets                        Boobies                       Skimmer                     Skuas              

Cormorants                Dovekie                       Terns                           Tropicbirds                 

Frigatebird                 Fulmar                        Ducks                         Geese

Gannet                       Guillemots                 

Gulls                           Jaegers

Kittiwakes                   Murrelets

Murres                        Noddies

Pelicans                      Puffins




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